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What is Legato?

Legato is a live stream platform created to give professional musicians the ability to hold live streamed pay-per-view performances from their home, a studio or venue.

What does it cost to use Legato?

Free. The platform is 100% free to the musician to use. You select the ticket price for the performance and keep all of those proceeds. Legato adds is a small service fee to the ticket buyer on each ticket sold.The service fee covers the technology and expenses associated with maintaining the Legato website.

When will Legato go live?

Legato is scheduled to go live the week of October 26th with first performances set for the weekend of October 30th.

How do I register my artist(s) to use Legato for performances?

Register each artist or group individually using the form at the bottom of this page.  Providing a projected date, time, and ticket price for their first Legato performance is appreciated so we can schedule our supporting marketing efforts. We will follow up with an onboarding email to collect photos and biographies to set up the Artist pages and information for the performance for the Event pages. After we confirm the performance dates and times, it’s time start promoting the shows.

How do musicians get paid?

Legato collects the payments from ticket buyers and transfers them to the appropriate party after the performance. The transaction can take up to 3 business days.

Will Legato be marketing and promoting performances?

Yes. We will be using our social media channels to promote your upcoming performance. We will also need help from you, the performer, to also share and invite your friends, family, and fans to your show.Our team can provide you with social media images that you can utilize to promote your upcoming performance. We recommend promoting the performance as soon as your date and time are set.

What do we need for the performance?

Location, Laptop/Computer
After the performance dates and times are set, decide on the location. A laptop or computer is needed to take in the video and audio feeds and convert (using software) them into a live stream broadcast that connects to Legato.

Camera and Microphone
A camera and microphone to connected to the computer or laptop. The computer’s built-in camera and microphone are one option, but the quality will not be the greatest, so an external camera(s) and microphone(s) are recommended.

OBS Studio Software
Download the OBS Studio Software (it's free) and install on your laptop or computer. The streaming software will convert the audio and video coming into your laptop/computer into a livestream that connects with the Legato platform. Legato will send you a "inject" URL for the event that you will enter into OBS to start the stream from your location to Legato.

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